Rescue Tax Accounting and Bookkeeping

We Can Help You

Our Rescue Accounting Consultation is to for business owners who need a quick solution to get their business paperwork sorted and get IRAS off your back.

How it works

Simple Setup

Getting started is easy, you will meet your dedicated accountant who will learn your business and quickly get your books up to speed.

Reliable Bookkeeping

Our 100% Singapore team ensures that your books are always up-to-date with no surprises!

Routine Check-ins

Don't feel lost in the numbers. We'll review your books with you each month so that you can effectively run your business.

Rescue Accounting is Very Specific to You. However, Entails Some Facets Throughout Below.

Free Consultation

It's our pleasure to meet entrepreneurs looking to improve their business. Whether you want to discuss your plans or you just need advice, we can't wait to sit for a talk. It's free anyway.

Penalties, Fines and Interest

There is nothing more dangerous for a business than failing to pay its taxes correctly, and its heart aching to incur unnecessary fines and penalty. We can help bring everything to get it back on track!

Incorrectly Paying GST and Form C-S or Form C

Errors in reporting can arise from incorrect setup and allocations. We will have a look as to how we can fix your setup before your next GST or IRAS lodgment is due Paying GST or Form C

Can't Make Financial Decisions

If you want to stay in business for a long time, you will need to keep track of your financial flow and sound financial decisions cannot be made if your accounts are wrong. We will provide accurate information and reporting services to you. You will be able to rely on them and devise good financial strategies.

Disorganization in the Office and Missing Paperwork

If you are struggling to locate specific invoices or having trouble organising your office and filing we can help you get things in order. We will guide you on how to keep all documents relating to your business safe and in one place. This includes:-


Goods and services invoices






Bank statements




Government documentation & assessments

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