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Stuck with A Traditional Accountant with Expensive Fees & Need to Switch Accountants?

As a business tax accountant, we leverage on cloud accounting software in order to reduce costs and increase value for our clients. Our philosophy is time and tax savings so that businesses can fulfil their core purposes. See our tax accounting packages which include annual financial statements, business tax submission, GST filing and an annual accounting check.

Stress-free company incorporation in Singapore

Your headache ends here. We offer 100% paperless company incorporation services in Singapore

Start your business journey from anywhere in the world with the help of our highly efficient customer success team.

What to Expect

Feel good about you taxes

Paired with our bookkeeping.we make this unbeliveably simple and transparent.

Trusted Experts

With our CPAs and tax experts on your team,you can be sure you're getting your maximum refund.

We handle it all

We will take care of your business and personal taxes. Don't worry , we do that too.

How do we Fulfil our Philosophy of Time & Cost Saving?

Financial Statements

We prepare your financial statements using Xero, so you get accurate numbers and relevant notes.

Tax Returns

We do Individual, Company, Partnership and Good and Services tax returns for a small fee.

Tax Planning

Take our professional advice on how to cut down your tax liabilities, so you can invest more in the future of your business.

IRAS Correspondence

Let us deal with the IRAS and help you navigate more smoothly through the landscape.

Form Submission

We complete your Income Tax Form on a timely basis to ensure you pay the right amount at the right time.

Are you looking for a specific type of tax services? UpVue gives you plenty to choose from. Regardless of the size of your business, you're covered.

We evaluate the unique situation of your company and come up with a meticulous plan to optimize your business with 100% accuracy. Throughout the year, an experienced UpVue tax consultant will be on hand to advise your team on how to keep your corporation tax payments to an absolute minimum. When the end of the year comes, we will also complete your corporation tax returns for you. What’s Included:
Bonus tip: Singapore offers multiple tax benefits and exemptions. You can minimize your tax by up to 75% or cut them completely. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE.

As your business income forms part of your personal income, the two are calculated together when it’s time to file your tax returns.

Your business income is reported separately and added to all your other personal income. The total is then subject to personal income taxes.

The chargeable income is your business/trade income plus any other personal income, minus all deductions, reliefs and rebates.

What’s Included:
You don’t get anything? It’s alright. We’ll make sure you will. We are always there to help you understand everything about your accounting reports.
Same as income tax for a sole proprietorship.
What’s Included:

GST is an indirect tax charged on the supply of goods and services made in Singapore and on the importation of goods into Singapore.

The current rate is 7%.

What’s Included:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Tax Rates ?


For Companies 17%


For GST – 7% prior to 1 January 2023, 8% from 1 January 2023 and 9% from 1 January 2024

What's the deadline for filing taxes?


For Companies 30 November


For Sole Proprietors 18 April (by e-filing)


For Partnerships 18 April (by e-filing)

What if I missed the deadline?

In general, you can assume that all goods and services are taxable. However, some specific items are exempt. These include financial services and the sale or lease of residential property.

When do I pay GST?

You have to pay GST when you buy goods or services from GST-registered businesses and when you import goods into Singapore.
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