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If you've just incorporated your company in Singapore, then you're in need dire of our company secretarial services.

  • Trying to comply with the legal corporate requirements in Singapore is a very complex undertaking. It involves fulfilling the complicated statutory requirements set by ACRA (the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). Also, the Singapore Companies Act (SCA) makes it compulsory for every company in Singapore to hire a minimum of one local secretary within 6 months of its incorporation. We will be your company secretary.
  • The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority rules define a company secretary as “a person who appears to have the requisite knowledge and experience to discharge the functions of the secretary of the company.” Said person/ company must either be a Singapore resident (a Singapore citizen or permanent resident) or a Holder of Singapore Employment Pass/EntrePass/Dependant Pass.
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Our range of Company's Secretarial Services includes:

  • Our team of Company Secretaries can help you at all stages beginning from incorporation, sailing through normal day to day operations and liquidation stage as well if ever the situation arises. Every company needs to employ or hire an official Company Secretary and we are ACRA Filing Agent to provide wide ranging services in this field.
  • This means you can put name of our qualified staff as your Company Secretary Singapore.
  • Not only our team is quite qualified but also holds professional PIN granted by ACRA which is granted only to those possessing professional qualifications with years of relevant experiences.

Every company in Singapore needs to have a registered office which is basically considered to be  the address you lodge with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) for official correspondence and at which you are expected to carry out your main business activity. This Singapore address is held as tangible location on public record and is a pre-requisite for getting the company incorporated in Singapore.

A registered office address should fulfill the following criteria:

  • It is open for at least five hours during ordinary business hours on each business day
  • It should be a physical office address located in Singapore
  • It cannot be a P.O. Box

Upvue provides the following registered address services:

  • Registered office address
  • Mail notification
  • Mail forwarding
  • To incorporate a company in Singapore, you need to have minimum one shareholder and one resident nominee director. A resident nominee director can be anyone whom you authorize to be a non-executive director on the board of directors of the Company.
  • If you are a foreigner to start a business here, then it is possible to appoint a nominee director who will not be involved in any financial, managerial or operational matters of the company but is required to sign up for agreements as required for incorporation under your authorization.
  • If you don’t have nominee director, we can help you to connect to local director service.

It is a mandate for every Singapore company to adhere to ACRA’s compliance rules and regulations. There are many such statutory requirements which company has to fulfill and submit am Annual return to ACRA with all the evidences supporting the same, the Annual filings are mandatory for both active and dormant Singapore companies. Failing to regularly meet ACRA ongoing compliance requirements in a timely manner can have serious consequences.

ACRA then provides a compliance rating based on the stats if the company has complied with its requirement of holding Annual General Meeting, filing of Annual Return and various other clauses applicable to the company.

In view of the above, companies should consider hiring a professional to help manage their compliance matters, so that they can focus on running the business and driving business growth.

The Company has to keep its books and records and other statutory records for a definite period of time. The tax and legal authorities are empowered to call for them at any point of time for scrutiny and checking. Also, keeping accounting records helps you in managing your business and making it grow eventually. Penalties are here to stay but if you maintain your records then it becomes easier to pay the tight tax at right time. The registers, minutes and Business forms which were filed at the time of incorporation are to be preserved in a confidential manner and we help you do it.

  • Resolutions which are passed in meeting with consensus have to be documented and therefore each and every company maintains a book for board resolutions and meetings.
  • Resolutions and minutes are the legal evidences of the fact they report and hence they have to be framed accurately and should be simple, unambiguous, concise and complete. The person recording these has to record everything from date and time of meeting to every other crucial aspect including attendees, presence of quorum and any other board actions.
  • If any resolutions passed require a change to be filed with ACRA then we assume a fair responsibility of doing all the components of this job in a clear, concise and accurate manner.
  • It is necessary to prepare and submit annual return along with all the other relevant forms in XBRL format. ACRA prefers to receive in XBRL format as it allows them to carry out their certain checks and encrypt the information which protects it from any loss in transmission.
  • XBRL is a global standard for exchanging business information and is dependent upon digital platform. Our  services help in easing out the filing of annual report for you.
  • An Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) should be held at least once every calendar year, or 15 months from the date of a company’s previous AGM, whichever is earlier. The only exception to the above is for newly incorporated companies, which are required to hold their Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) within 18 months from the date of incorporation.
  • If a company fails to comply with the mandatory compliance requirement of AGM filing, its directors may be held liable for fines and penalties, in addition to the late filing fees that are imposed on the company.
  • There is a standard medium and platform of submitting annual returns along with relevant annexures to ACRA and our experts here will chalk out everything and you can sit back and invest your time on key performance areas.

If the company is no longer doing business or wish to cease the business, an application can be made to the ACRA to strike the company’s name off the Companies Register.

What are the requirements?

  • The company must have stopped business activities or have no commenced activities from the date of incorporation
  • No assets or liabilities
  • No outstanding tax liabilities with the Inland Revenue Authorities
  • All outstanding Income Tax Returns have been submitted
  • Accounts and tax computations have been submitted up to the date of cessation of business
  • No outstanding tax matters before closure of bank account
  • GST registration has been cancelled and there are no outstanding GST matters.
  • No debts owed to any Government authorities
  • No ongoing involvement in any court proceedings
  • No outstanding charges in the company’s register of charge
  • Written consent from the majority of the shareholders must be obtained

Documentation and liaising with ACRA/IRAS is required at every step of the process and our expert team can help you in relieving out of this distress state in a very professional and balanced manner.

Company Secretary SingaporeQualified Secretarial Services at Startup Price.

Basic Secretary
240 S$

    1. Provision of a named secretary for 1 year
    2. Maintenance of statutory records and registers
    3. Filing of routine annual return and preparing AGM minutes with annual return filing documents


    1. Non-routine lodgement, such as change of company name, address, officers, issuance or transfer of shares and etc.
    2. Lodgment fees payable to ACRA other than the annual return filing fees.
    3. S$60 annual return filing fee to ACRA
Most Popular
Unlimited Secretary
500 S$

    1. Provision of a named secretary for 1 year
    2. Maintenance of statutory records and registers
    3. Filing of routine annual return and preparing AGM minutes with annual return filing documents
    4. S$60 annual return filing fee to ACRA
    5. Change in company name (Exclude S$15 to ACRA)
    6. Change in registered address
    7. Change in principal activity
    8. Change in officers
    9. Dividends declaration
    10. Allotment of shares
    11. Transfer of shares (Exclude stamp duty to IRAS)


    1. Lodgment fees payable to ACRA other than the annual return filing fees.
Incorporation + Secretary + Xero Accounting
1100 S$
Good for a new start-up to start your 1st Year!



  1. S$315 ACRA fees: Name application ($15) and Company registration ($300)
  2. Checking  the company name’s availability and reserving it.
  3. Preparing all company registration forms and documents
  4. Standard company constitution
  5. Filing with ACRA
  6. Preparing share certificate and registers
  7. Minutes of first board meeting
  8. Opening a corporate bank account

Company secretarial services for 1 Year


  1. Unlimited number of resolutions (For example, change in officers, registered address,business activity, company name, share allotment, share transfer)
  2. Company secretary routine annual filing and AGM preparation
  3. S$60 annual return filing fee to ACRA


  1. Non-routine ACRA filing fee other than S$60 annual return filing fee

Accounting Services for 1 Year


  1. Not more than 10 bank transactions per month
  2. Tax: Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (“ECI”)
  3. Tax: Form C-S


  1. Compilation of unaudited report
  2. Xero’s subscription fee per month
  3. Staff expenses claims to enter to Xero

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We are a professional firm approved by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore to act on behalf of our clients with their secretarial lodgment and company registration needs.

After incorporation, your operations can be easily streamlined because we offer detailed accounting, and financial management services for businesses. Working with us will allow you to focus on the most important aspect of your business; growing it.

And, we are able to advise you on relevant required business licenses, compliances & regulations; and even referral of business resources & capabilities to our affiliated business partners.

Yes, foreigners can incorporate a company in Singapore. To facilitate the process, new businesses are required to meet the following requirements:

  1. A resident director in Singapore must be appointed.
  2. Appoint someone who is a real person and has a primary residence or principal in Singapore.
  3. Must have a registered Singapore Office.

To incorporate a company in Singapore, the local director must be a Singapore resident, possess an employment pass, Dependent’s pass or an Entrepass.

At UpVue, we request specific documentation and once received we may incorporate your company  within a working day if required (on condition that all requirements are met, all information and documents are provided and no delay in signing and returning of forms and documents and no delay in ACRA’s approval on company name application and reservation).

Yes, here at UpVue we help you stay on top of all compliance requirements including the completion of documents that must be submitted for government purposes.

Yes, you can hire international employees with valid work permits.

In Singapore, the entrepreneur can register the business as a sole proprietorship, private limited company, or partnership. Each business structure will offer its own set of features, pros and cons for the business owner.

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