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1. Business and Financial Plans – Documentation of the business’ current financial situation and identifying financial goals and how the business will achieve them.

2. Budget-to-Actual Analysis – Create detailed budgets to account for key expectations and then compare to actuals to ensure performance stays on track.

3. Ratio Analysis – Monitor financial ratios across profitability, liquidity, and solvency.

4. Variance Analysis – Compare financial metrics over various time periods to understand business performance.

5. Profit, Cost and Margin Analysis – Analysis of how changes in costs and volume affect a business’s operating income and net income.

6. Profit & Loss and Cashflow Forecast – Forecast both profit & loss and cash flow using growth rate.

7. Business System Review – Review of the current accounting system and people for efficiency. Setting up internal processes according to best practices.

8. Capital Deployment Strategy – Are you planning to raise capital? Do you have a financial plan? Do you know how much capital you will need to market your brand?

9. Action Plan – Outline deliverables, allocate responsibilities, and report on project progress.

10. VCFO Meeting | Management Reports | Financial Dashboard – We will sit down with you to provide you with professional financial advice and guidance on the healthy management of your financial situation.

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