A lot of Singaporeans are investing in E-commerce ventures on a large scales, and that is primarily what the today business is all round about. If you have the intention of selling some stunning products online as well and have little or no idea about to really step your foot on the gas, it would probably should be a  no sweat deal, since a lot of Singaporeans are seemingly making a fortune from it. Still, here is a quick 101 on the best options if you want to create online shopping platform.



First on the list Shopify, which enables your sell products and services on their website, social media platform or at a physical store. With it, you can customize the look and feel of your store, letting your personality shine through the means through which you brand the terminus. No transaction fees. No need of an expertise to design, and even more, you can update every of your selling process.



WooCommerce comes as second, being a global ecommerce platform for WordPress, very popular around the world. Thousands –if not millions- of WordPress themes are embedded with WooCommerce, meaning you can your store can simply be an extension of your own website, without falling out of form. No costs attached.  Lots of comprehensive features. The complete package.



Qoo10 is quite popular among many handfuls of Singaporeans, because it sells mixed ranges of competitive products. Such products range from men fashion outfits to women wears,  sporting goods, electronic gadgets, home products, the ones used to enhance outer beauty and even food; the fuel of life. All you need do is register as a seller, choose a catchy theme to best suit your store and leave the worry. Because you are going to be a part of a larger site, meaning the nonstop traffic is something you can wheel on all time in and out. Constant access. Topnotch service.



Redmart is among the chart toppers too in Singapore, known for its fabulous layout an easily navigable features. Buying all kinds of groceries is a great experience on here, including pet care products, processed and frozen foods. Free registration and enjoyable access to a customer pool and delivery service are in the offing. No website managing complexities.


And there is Lazada, the connoisseur of apparel design and home décor (with vintage theme). Electronics just seem to be in abundance here as well. And added, this market place and it product reach Singaporean consumers and around. Tutorials are there for your watching or you can sign up for some real-time coaching, all on Lazada.

Other numerous options will include Carousell and Wix, which may be last, but certainly not the least. Get your online store set up today. Enjoy the upsides and deals with the demerits.

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