Vend POS and Xero Integration: Best Strategy for Retailers

Most of the retail store owners these days are trying to integrate POS retail management and Xero Cloud accounting software together to avail their collective benefits at the same time. It is believed that these software provide seamless growth in business when used together to accommodate their powerful features on the same platform.

If you are also planning to set up a new retail business but are not aware of the benefits that this advanced software can offer you, it is good to go through the details below.

Integrated features of Vend POS and Xero:

  • Routine Business Tracking:

It will help you to synchronize routine sale details to the single terminal along with total payments and invoices so that you can always stay ready for bank reconciliation. It is the easiest way to manage a routine track of your business.

  • Easy Cash Management:

Retail store owners will be able to manage the flow of cash payments along with easy cash withdrawals. You will be able to manage better opening and closing balance track over Vend and it will be automatically synchronized to Xero.

  • Account sales:

Every time when you make some account sale, the receivable invoice will be immediately posted to Xero with personalized due dates for payment.

  • Real-time profit snapshot:

This incredible integration will help you to manage real-time record of business flow. The system will automatically post all details about the cost of goods sold to Xero platform so that you can easily track the performance of your business on a routine basis. It offers the easiest way to count profit out of the overall operating expenses.

  • Automatic Invoice Streamlining:

There is no need do manual editing for due date payments and invoicing. This software can manage everything online with completely automatic data updates. It means your team can utilize time in other productive things instead of wasting hours on the unwanted editing process.

  • Easy Account payments:

When all payments are synchronized to Vend and Xero, it can help you to make payments for multiple accounts with a single transaction. No need to waste time for repeated selections and errors in amount transfers, this software integration can manage everything automatically. It is the best choice for retail stores in Singapore.

  • Updates about customer details:

Most retail business owners find it quite complicated to maintain routine updates about customer contacts and their interests. At the growth stage of your business, it becomes really difficult to enter all details manually to complete customer records. That is why professionals advise combining Vend POS and Xero together to synchronize all details automatically. You simply need to count your profits, rest everything will be controlled by your integrated software platform itself.

  • Improved user experience:

As both this software are designed with user-friendly layout and they offer easy interface; even new retailers can navigate easily on these platforms.

  • Monitor business health:

When Vend and Xero work together, they help to track all essential reports including products, customers, and employee performance so that you can ensure healthy flow in your business environment.





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