Food Business License And Permit Guide For Registration

Singapore is a global city touted for its vibrant F & B industry. In Asia, the country is known as the culinary capital offering cuisines from all over the world such as Thai, Malaysian, Mediterranean, Moroccan, Italian and African among others.

The food and industry sector of Singapore is set to grow even further with more people putting more hours to work and choosing to eat out instead. Now, if you want to participate in Singapore’s most exciting industry, there are aspects of the industry you need to know about.

There are legal requirements and business registration procedure you need to get out of the way. On that note, here’s a license and permit guide to help you get through the business registration in Singapore and finally start your F & B business.

Business License Registration in Singapore

Do you need a license for your business? Yes. In Singapore, there are certain types of businesses that need licenses and permit before they can operate. This business license is a permit a Singaporean government agency issues to allow a person to conduct a specific kind of business.

In order to get a business license, the company needs to first register with the registrar of companies. On that note, it is best to read about the key facts and basics on Singapore’s industry-specific licenses. Following that, here are a few things to know about getting a food business license in Singapore.

What Licenses And Permits Are Required of You?

There are a number of licenses and permits you are required to have. You will need license and permit to serve alcohol and sell liquor as well as tobacco products. You will also need permit for providing outdoor dining areas or for renovating existing premises. Your business also needs a license for importing ingredients and equipments.

Additionally, you will need permit for providing entertainment in your food and beverage business. At the same time, operating food processing establishments, central kitchens, hawker stalls, food factories, food wagons, etc. needs license as well. If you use radioactive or other hazardous substances in food manufacturing, you will also need license for using those.

Laws and Regulations to Operate F & B Business in Singapore

Before you can start your F & B business in Singapore, you must also check certain laws and regulations that you must adhere to at all times. These laws and regulations are important so to ensure that your business operates legally. The aspects of your business that involves legalities includes hiring of workers, especially if foreigners, selecting food business premises and getting planning permission.

There are also regulations you need to adhere to when it comes to importing and exporting of food products, registering of the food factory, record keeping and tax compliance. At the same time, there is licensing compliance, halal certification and environment health regulations you need to take care about.

These are initially the things you need to take care of in terms of licensing and permit for business registration in Singapore’s food industry. But the entire process of getting a license, permit and registering for your business is long and it takes time. However, if you are determined to start your own F & B business, these things are necessary tasks to do.

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