Cloud Accounting Software vs. Off-The-Shelves Accounting Systems

Being a business owner, you should always be focused toward increasing efficiency. This is the only way of making sure your business reaches its true potential. Whether you are the owner of a small business or a large organization, you would need to keep track of your finances. It is crucial to have all the details regarding the amount of investment you are making, the amount you are earning as profits, and the amount that you owe to others.

Cloud accounting software for small businesses:

Especially when it comes to small businesses, a common factor is the fluctuation in revenue generation. Cash flow, at times, can be erratic. That is why keeping records of the current financial situation is of utmost importance. A business, regardless of its size, has to perform tasks like producing invoices, tracking PayPal and bank transactions, and keeping on top of VAT payments. In order to perform these tasks in a timely manner, you need an efficient and cost effective accounting system.

If you have been using the conventional off-the-shelves accounting systems, it is time you take a step forward towards a much more systematized and efficient accounting system. You may be familiar with cloud accounting, which has taken the business world by storm! This accounting software would not only get the job done with absolute perfection, but it would also save you both time and money! Not convinced yet? Take a look at some of the benefits of cloud accounting software:

Easy to use:

Unlike the conventional PC systems that were mainly loaded on the accountant’s or bookkeeper’s computer, cloud computing also provides access to non-accountants. The easy to use process is also fairly simple, and anyone can master features like intelligent reconciliations and automatic bank feed. The online accounting software systems also come with video tutorials and “how to” that make learning even easier.

Safe and secure:

When you have cloud accounting in place, you won’t need to take backups anymore. If you are tired of hitting “restore” and hoping that it gets restored in the right place, you would find the safe and secure features of cloud accounting extremely useful. Most of the major players in the cloud accounting software market vouch for the safety of this accounting system. This is the reason why some of the reputed accounting services Singapore have resorted to cloud accounting.

Cloud accounting allows you freedom and flexibility. With such an advanced system in place, you won’t need to sit in your office room behind your desk to complete accounting related work. You can even get it done sitting on the beach and sipping your favorite drink! All you would need is your laptop and internet connection.


So, what are you waiting for? Chuck your old school accounting methods and reach for the clouds!

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